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Why Real Estate

Earn like a landlord, not work like one.

Our investments are passive, giving you the potential to earn income without the responsibilities of owning a building.

Grow real estate, without breaking the bank.

Invest in large-scale real estate projects with other investors, without having to foot the entire bill. Leverage the power of the pool.

You'll beat the stock market. Trust us!

Private real estate has outperformed US equities and fixed income on an absolute and risk-adjusted basis since 2000.

Real estate can provide hedge to inflation

Real estate prices and income have historically outpaced inflation, making real estate an attractive investment option.

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About Us

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Manhattan, NY, A List Group Holdings is a real estate investment firm creating value with commercial property in the United States, United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, with 15,940 units worth $2,1 Billion.

Since our launch we have created property funds that allow sophisticated and institutional investors, invest side by side with A List Group Holdings which invest in commercial properties with occupier demands. 

Some cities where we invest

From apartments in Manhattan, NY to warehouses in Greater London and everything in between, grow your wealth and boost your income with our 2,1 billion dollar portfolio.

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United Kingdom

1,587 Units

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United States

2,580 Units

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2,399 Units

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1,835 Units

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We here to

We here to help

A List Group Holdings comes from humble roots, but our enterprising spirit has allowed us to quickly grow, develop, and thrive. We’ve helped investors since 2017 – right toward the end of the Covid-pandemic market crash – making a name for ourselves as an international real estate investment provider.

Our goal is to find the right commercial properties and mega deals to grow our portfolio and ensure a lasting financial legacy, regardless of the state of the economy.

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Your financial legacy deserves the opportunity to flourish. Investments made for your legacy’s sake can’t be left to just anyone. A List Group Holdings offers a better way to invest: One that’s affordable, carries the promise of economic growth, and has customer service in spades. Not to mention the local knowledge we possess to review and sustain our international properties. At A List Group Holdings, we work hard to diversify our innovative global portfolio, including overlooked commercial deals, and attain secure and stable financial futures for our shareholders and occupier demands. Partner with our firm and further assure your financial legacy.

Loyal Testimonials

A List Group Holdings has made me much more of a confident and knowledgeable real estate investor.
Harry A.
A List Group Holdings allowed me to diversify my overall portfolio by adding different types of occupier demand real estate.
Tanner G.

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