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A-List Group Holdings a real estate investment firm creating value with international commercial property in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States.

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of our portfolio is in the
residential & retail sector.

In 2020 we acquired property through the pandemic to create long-term value for our shareholders, and to give a boost to our total international property portfolio.

Our Markets

We have been focused on the global international commercial property investment since 2015.

Real Estate Investment Firm Portfolio

Total AUM


We currently have a total of 155 Assets Under Management (AUM). The commercial properties are located across the US, Europe, and the UK. Each estate has 281-318 units and comes with mix residential or retail long-term tenants. 

Multi-Family Units


Our diversified portfolio is across 20 states in the US, Europe and, the UK, which is predominantly in university towns and city centres.

Retail/Warehousing Commercial


23% of our portfolio is in this sector and accounts for £54M p.a. in rent from 1,589 tenants in 3,105 units.

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Our Real Estate Investment Firm Investment Criteria

We have a carefully selected portfolio, across the US, Europe, and the UK diversified by location, sector and tenant in order to limit risk and capitalize on rental growth dynamics. Our real estate investment firm see particular value in university towns and cities with good infrastructure such as major road arteries and fast rail links because urbanisation and population growth drive demand for commercial space.

Environmentally friendly

Our due diligence and decision making on commercial property is surrounded by what the impact a property/project can have towards the environment. Good returns and damaging the environment is not our game.

Multi-Family Commercial

We look to invest in university towns and city centres across different sectors in buildings either let to multiple tenants or multi-family residential single occupiers.

Retail/Warehousing Commercial

Retail and warehousing has always been an attractive  income factor, even more so during the current pandemic. Institutions need easy and affordable access to city centres and rural towns to service loyal customers.

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Real estate investment firm mission.

We want to be the leading real estate investment firm in regional commercial property, generating attractive total returns while growing a sustainable portfolio of assets that adapts to changing occupier demands.

Some cities where we invest

Why we Choose these Locations?

Why our real estate investment firm invest in private real estate?

Real estate has a well-earned reputation for being a reliable source of passive income. In fact, the income component of the NPI (the index that tracks private real estate performance), has averaged a higher rate than the yields of other major asset classes.

Private real estate has historically demonstrated low correlation with both publicly traded stocks and REITs. When public sectors of the market have exhibited greater degrees of volatility and vulnerability to investor sentiment, real estate has been steady in comparison — especially during the past three major economic crises.

Of the four major asset types now readily available to online investors, private real estate generally mitigates risk while still prioritizing attractive returns.

A strategic addition to a traditional real estate investment firm portfolio of stocks and bonds

Relative to a traditional portfolio composed of 77% large-cap stocks and 23% bonds, a portfolio which includes some allocation to private real estate has historically shown the ability to drive higher returns, with generally more annual income and lower volatility over the past 20 years.

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Let us together build a flourishing property portfolio.

We specialise in owning property which can generate increasing returns from both income and capital. We expect to grow rental and capital values over the long term through refurbishment or development. A-List Group Holdings look to invest in university towns and city centres across different sectors in buildings either let to multiple tenants or single enterprise occupiers.

Latest Announcements

We Were Nominated as a Top Real Estate Company in Manhattan by Estate Innovation.
A LIST GROUP HOLDINGS has opened up 500 investor relations positions for dedicated individuals who is willing to work remotely.

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Have a read at the interview with Best Startup UK with our founder Mr. Luqmaan Samie.
We will soon be announcing our forward moving plan towards zero emissions. Have a look at our article about Mr. Luqmaan Samie's announcement.
A List Group Holdings is pleased to announce, that it will launch its $300 Billion Real Estate Fund by November 2022.

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